TRI-PLAST - Manufacturer of High-Quality PVC/ALU Windows and Doors

TRI-PLAST is a company established in year 2006.
Our motto is: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. We aim to constantly broaden our capabilities by introducing state-of-the-art technologies and following current trends. The advantage of our company is combining the highest quality with low prices.

The TRIPLAST company offers up-to-date PVC and ALUMINUM windows of diversified parameters and shapes, from rectangular shapes to trapeziums, arcs, triangles, rhombuses, circles, based on 5- or 6-chamber profile system. Our aluminum windows are based on “cold” and “warm” profile systems. We also offer a wide assortment of additional features, such as ornament and colour window panes, fillings, connectors and broadenings, window sills, muntin bars, handles and ventilators.

The scope of our services is not limited only to manufacturing and sale of windows and doors, but it also includes:


  • professional installation (if need be, disassembly of previous carpentry)
  • supplementation of plaster after the carpentry replacement
  • adjustment of hardware and hinges
  • replacement of window panes and seals


We would like to thank all our customers for their confidence and selection of our products, and those still undecided, we would like to cordially invite.




32-415 Raciechowice,
Czaslaw 269
(skręt na Glichów)
tel: +48 12 271-53-07
kom: +48 503 02 30 02


ul. Kazimierza
Wielkiego 12a
(opposing the tax office)
tel: +48 12 357-57-23