IDEAL 7000

The Ideal 7000 85mm profile series is based on the combination of trusty and well received solutions with external seal and with a 6-chamber construction of 80 mm wide frames. Modern soft-line design, with delicate rounded lines and slants gives the profiles a modern and harmonous appearance, and the total depth of construction amounting to 100 mm provides the optimum parameters of thermal and sound insulation. The Ideal 7000 system new solutions are compatible with the already existing ones. It enables to combine various products with the use of a wide range of additional elements.


Advantaged of the profiles of the Ideal 7000 85mm series:

  • 6-chamber construction and total depth of 110 mm
  • Modern design, rounded lines and slants give the profiles a modern and harmonous appearance;
  • Possibility of application of glass packages of the width of up to 41 mm
  • Huge chambers for steel reinforcements allow to use reinforcements significantly increasing the stability of the profile





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