Window muntins/Swisspacer Warm edge

Window muntins

Window muntins are one of the most popular methods of adorning windows through the division of the area of a window pane into smaller sections. Our offer includes muntins of various widths and colours as well as the so called „Vienna style” muntins, imitating the natural division of a window.

Swisspacer Warm edge

The SWISSPACER Warm edge reduces the problem of the thermal bridge at the edge of the glass pane. It enables heating costs to be reduced by up to 10% for the whole window! Even distribution of temperature across the whole window pane eliminates the risk of condensation forming at the edge of the window pane, the so called steaming up of the pane. The attractive look brings a velvety, matt finish, without any shiny metal effects. SWISSPACER warm edge is attractive, with matt esthetical finish. . It is possible to choose the colour of the warm edge in regard to the colour of the profile. Without any shiny metal effects.



The SWISSPACER frame is made of a composite material with insulating characteristics, reinforced with the fibreglass, with aluminum or stainless steel membrane on one side. The membrane assures better adherence of insulators fastening the window pane.




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