The winter garden, also called a conservatory, a sun porch or a greenhouse, enjoys a growing popularity in Poland. The variety of solutions and constructions allows to design and assembly the winter garden in accordance with the customers’ personal tastes.

The roofings of the Aliplast system family provide the required thermal insulation owing to the application of the constructional thermal break.

The middle rafters and hip rafters are used, which enable to obtain smooth connections with the vertical walls of gardens (preventing the possibility of freezing).

The system solutions of winter gardens roofings reduce the sheet-metal works to the minimum.

Sample forms of winter gardens

Aliplast aluminum systems of winter gardens

Aliver 2000+ (VR2000+)

System characteristics

Rafter 105 or 125mm (regular or renovative)
Roofing span width: up to 2,5 m (glass) and 3 m (polycarbonate) for rafters 105 mm and 3,2 m (glass) and 3,8 m (polycarbonate) for rafters 125 mm.
The eaves and ridge profiles are equipped with a specially profiled shelf, on which the rafters cut on the square are based.

Aliver 5000+ (VR5000+)

System characteristics

Single and double-pitched roofs, with thermal insulation. Rafter 150 mm (regular or renovative). Rafter 150 mm (regular or renovative).
Roofing span width up to 3,6 m (glass) or up to 4,4 m (polycarbonate).
It is possible to reinforce the eaves with the use of typical steel profiles, which makes it possible to assembly in vertical walls the sliding or concertina folding constructions of huge dimensions.


The system is used for the construction of the roofs of winter gardens with miscellaneous shapes of the surface.




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